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Learn how to play the online 4D Sudoku Game

1. Introduction / 2. Interact / 3. Solve

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1. Introduction

Welcome to the 4D Sudoku Online Game

4D Sudoku is the puzzle enthusiast’s dream. It’s the ultimate brainteaser – a puzzle within a puzzle!

From the moment you launch your first 4D Sudoku online game, you realise you have something magical in front of you.

The distinctive orange and white cubes and translucent puzzle grid is ready to challenge you.


The Challenge – The Challenge is to construct a square block of cubes, arranged in such a way that each possible 3×3 section contains the numbers 1 to 9, with no repetitions.


Rows and Columns – To make it more difficult, each possible row and column around the completed puzzle also needs to contain each of the numbers from 1 to 9 with no repetitions.

Orientation – In the complete 4D Sudoku puzzle all the numbers in each 3×3 section, row or column must be oriented the same way.

Is it a 6 or is it a 9? – Choose which number you want it to be and see if it solves the puzzle. If not, try turning it the other way.

Which way is UP? – Remember, the top ring of the number eight is slightly smaller than the bottom.

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2. Interact

The Puzzle Grid – Let’s get started by exploring the many different ways of rotating around and looking through the Puzzle Grid.

Various clickable symbols surround the grid. These symbols perform three key functions.

Rotating the Grid – The curved, back-to-back arrows on three corners rotate the grid, according to their direction.

Alternatively, you can use the arrow keys, PgUp and PgDn or space bar on your keyboard to rotate the grid.

Finally, you may prefer to click and hold down the mouse button in an empty space, then drag the mouse in the direction you wish the grid to turn. When you let go, it will straighten up.

Flipping the Grid – You can also quickly look at the top and bottom of the grid by pressing Return or Enter, or look to the left or right by pressing the Shift key.

Expanding and Separating the Grid – The other two types of symbol let you see inside the grid.

– The back-to-back triangles separate the grid along the symbol and display the two opposing inner faces. You can use your mouse to drag the grid to see them both. – The triangles separated by thick lines expand the grid along the direction you choose. You can click one of them to see three slices, or more than one to break up the grid even more.

To return the grid to normal, either click the symbols again to “undo” them, or hit Escape or Backspace.

The Orange & White Cubes – Hover your cursor over a cube and it will highlight. To move or rotate a cube, click, hold down and move the mouse. Drag a cube face to move the cube, or drag an edge to rotate it.

Explore the variety of ways to control and manoeuvre the cubes.

Rotating a cube – Click and hold down your mouse directly on its edge, then turn the cube vertically or horizontally to reveal the different faces. A rotating action with your mouse will turn the cube on its axis.

Alternatively, hover your mouse pointer over the cube so that it highlights, then you can use the arrow key on your keyboard to rotate the individual cube in various directions.

Moving a cube – Drag a cube by clicking on one of its faces, hold down your mouse and drag. The cube will move in the direction of your mouse.

You can drag the cube up to the puzzle grid, which will highlight the empty spaces where you can place that cube.

Placing a cube – Drag a cube into your chosen space within the grid and experience the magnetism as the cube snaps into place.

If you do not position it in one of the correctly coloured available spaces, the cube will drop back down to the bottom upon release.

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3. Solve

Solving the game – Solving the 4D Sudoku puzzle has little to do with mathematics. It involves nothing more than a certain step-by-step logic. No guesswork is needed.

There is a fairly significant clue below. If you want to try solving the puzzle yourself, we recommend you stop here!

Where do the blanks go? – You might have noticed that there are blank faces on nine of the cubes.

Figuring out where these should go first is an excellent strategy.

Blank Face – The blanks form one outside face of the completed puzzle!

We recommend you start the puzzle by completing this face first.

Anyway, that should be enough to start with. If you get stuck, try restarting the game at an easier level and then progress to "Expert" later.

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