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Hand-Held 4D Sudoku Game

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Know your 4D Sudoku™

Join two cubes together and feel the `click´.

Know your 4D Sudoku™

Hold a row of cubes in one hand, while you check the numbers on the other sides.

Know your 4D Sudoku™

Spin a cube to change a number.

Know your 4D Sudoku™

Or you can twist and separate the 3x3 sections of cubes to examine the location of the numbers on the inside of the block.

Helpful Hints

In the completed 4D Sudoku™ puzzle all the numbers in each 3x3 section must be oriented in the same way.

Is it a 6 or is it a 9?

Choose which number you want it to be and see if it solves the puzzle. If not, try turning it the other way.

Which way is UP?

Remember, the top ring of the number eight is slightly smaller than the bottom.

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Version 2.7.20090416