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Hand-Held 4D Sudoku Game

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Congratulations to Nyles Heise - First to successfully complete our 4D Sudoku online game !

Written by Rus Sellers

4D Sudoku Logo"4D Sudoku is the perfect puzzle, I am very excited to be the first to solve it." said Nyles Heise of San Jose, California. Nyles completed the puzzle in 65 hours 9 minutes, to become the first person to solve the online game and win a hand-held 4D Sudoku puzzle.

He said, "At first glance the puzzle looks almost unsolvable. However, after close inspection I found there is much structure that increases the chance of success greatly."

4D Sudoku Hand-Held PuzzleFor the uninitiated - 4D Sudoku comes in the form of a tactile hand-held puzzle made up of 27 magnetic cubes, and an interactive online game.

It's the puzzle enthusiast’s dream, the ultimate brainteaser – a puzzle within a puzzle!

From the moment you take your 4D Sudoku out of its box, you realise you have something magical in your hands. The distinctive orange and white cubes seem to be alive, with a force of their own!

The challenge is to construct a square block of numbered cubes, arranged in such a way that every possible row, column and side around the block contains each of the numbers 1 - 9. Meanwhile inside the block, every 3x3 section, sliced vertically or horizontally, also consists of the digits 1-9. So pit your wits against the invisible force of the 27 cubes in this ingenious puzzle.

Why not give your brain a workout, and try and win a hand-held 4D Sudoku puzzle. The first 20 people to successfully complete the online game, will will a hand-held puzzle.

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If you just can't wait to get your hands on one of our 4D Sudoku puzzles, then you can buy it exclusively online on our website, as it's not available in any shops until the new year.

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