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Hand-Held 4D Sudoku Game

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4D Sudoku Online Game v2.0 has launched - Exciting new gameplay with a sleek new interface!

Written by Rus Sellers

We have created 4 exciting ways to play our online version of the 4D Sudoku puzzle. You can now choose to play Easy, Medium, Hard, or Expert versions. Where Easy has 2 levels already completed, Medium has 1/2 completed, Hard has 1 level completed, and Expert mode you start from scratch!

In version v1.0 of the game there was only one way to start playing the game and that was from scratch. This version was a runaway success from launch, and has had over a 500,000 people playing it from 134 countries!

Thanks to the very positive feedback from all our fans of the online game, we have added this new gameplay. For a quick 'Coffee Break' game 'Easy' or 'Medium' are the purfect options to ease yourself into the pleasures of 4D Sudoku. For those of you who demand a real challenge, and have a little more time on your hands the 'Hard' or 'Expert' modes are the place to start for you ;-)

We have also given the game interface a sleek and sexy makeover - plus you can save your game for later, get cheats, shortcuts with keyboard commands, and the chance to see your name in the high scores.

As an extra bonus, you can win up to 25% off a Hand-held 4D Sudoku puzzle to use in the 4DS Store, just by playing and correctly completing your games!

So what are you waiting for - Come on and play the 'new and improved' 4D Sudoku online now >>

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Version 2.7.20090416